Build strong relationships with your audience

Snackeet is an online web story builder and quiz creator which allows you to build visual storytelling campaigns for your business.

Let your clients discover your products in an attractive way

Use product tags to guide your clients to your selling pages, and make shopping easier than ever.

Utilisez des product tags
Intégrez un calendrier

Scheduling and booking is only one click away

Set up a meeting by directly entering your Calendly link in a web story.

Redirect your users where you want to

Add a redirection link to your web stories and let the magic of visual storytelling work.

Redirigez vos utilisateurs
Utilisez la logique conditionnelle

Offer a personalized experience to your clients

Use conditional logic to provide a personalized experience for viewers of your stories.

Collaborate efficiently

Use workspaces to sort your work and easily share the project you’re working on with your co-workers.

Collaborez avec votre équipe
Collectez du feedback

Collect valuable data

Use forms to gain insights from your customers.

Discover your customers’ demands by gathering their feedback

With ratings, you will know if your product satisfies your clients demands without being an effort for them.

Récoltez du feedback
Embed you story

Embed your web story

Directly on your website, just by copy-pasting a
piece of code.

And track the data

Visualize the performances of your web stories and easily assess whether they engage your audience.

Suivi de données

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