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Web stories naturally grab you visitors’ attention, making your message more memorable and more powerful

Use web stories to...

Make a quiz


Test your audience by making an engaging quiz, and display their score at the end of it


Everyone likes compare to others. Create a survey and allow your users to get comparative results
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Sell Products

Product tags

Use the product tag feature give more information on your product and link it to your selling page


Use or re-use your video content to present your product and your services
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Sell products using Snackeet


Get all data you need to qualify your leads directly inside the story


Export it or link it with the commonly used CRM
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Get Feedback

Video Recording

Ask feedback more authentically. Record yourself to give more impact to your message & get more responses


Adapt the feedback elements to your audience and to your questions’ type
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Engage your audience


Be creative. Upload your your content or use our content library


Use animations to enhance your story and highlight the most relevant information
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What are web stories?

Snackeet Web Stories Builder Dashboard

Web stories are a new content format on the web

Web Story is a web-based rendition of the popular story format that brings together video, audio, and images, as well as text and animation, to create an interesting and dynamic consumer experience.

Create interactive & dynamic stories with Snackeet


Snackeet Builder allows you to unleash your creativity.

You can start with a template, design your stories from scratch, or modify your own content.


Add interactivity to any kind of content you want, from image or video stories to on-demand videos.


Add any sort of interaction to gather your user datas : form fields, buttons, product tags and more..
Build Web Stories


Display your stories in the most effective way on your website.

Widget, banner, iframe, popup links, we have what you need

Share with a link

You can share your story through a link in your email campaign of directly on your social networks.

Embed in your website

You can fully customize et look and feel of you stories according to your need. Integration do not require technical skills.
The widget banner, the floating widget & the iframe

Get results

Collect the data related to your web stories’ users, visualize and analyze it to determine whether your web stories are engaging.

Detailed analytics

Get deeper into the insights.

Know how much pages your Users have seen, and how long they watched your stories.


Easily export the data into your favorite CRM, whether it’s Google Analytics, Sheets or Facebook Pixel.
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