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All you need to create outstanding digital experiences in story format (forms, quizzes, video tutorials ...)

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We help companies increase
their online conversions with Web stories

Boost your engagement rate, sell your products faster, get feedback from customers, get more leads for your business

1. Build

Use our intuitive editor to create, design and customize Web stories easily. Templates available to start quicker.

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2. Share on your Website

Share your Web stories without limitation everywhere on the Web: embed an iframe, a bubble widget or a widget banner in seconds on your Website.

A screenshot of an embed iframe on a WebsiteAn illustration of the bubble widget on a WebsiteAn illustration of the Widget banner embed on a Website

Share through Email and SMS campaigns

Share your stories in your Email and SMS campaigns with a link or with a QR code.

example of an embed story in an emailAn example of a link and a QR code to get access to a Webstory

3. Get insights

Everything you need to improve your marketing strategy and your Web stories.

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Integrate seamlessly with all your business tools

What our clients think about us

Love it!
This is a super useful marketing tool, I've tried using Snackeet to create a survey and both my click-through rate and completion rate is at least 30%-50% higher than the average! Our clients love it too. They are happy to see a boost in their click-through-rates.

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Very impressive
I've had a fantastic experience using Snackeet. Everything "just works" and I've been able to setup a survey on my website in record time. The analytics are awesome as well. Really amazing software, guys.

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One thing I really like about this app is that I can take something that I want to explain and simplify it into shorter stories and get responses on the spot. I'm even more happy about the new feature which allows for the client/prospect to respond via audio, video or text message. It's a very useful touch.

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Snackeet is a great tool for digital marketing because it has rich interactive media and automatically loads in full-screen! It is also useful for education and human resources management.

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