Capture more qualified leads with interactive content experiences

Use relevant data from lead magnets to capture more qualified leads.

Three screens of a webstory with some examples of forms

Create immersive lead magnets with custom and easy-to-fill-out contact forms

Use online contact forms to gather information and reach
potential customers.

Book a call in one click to get a face-to-face with leads

Use our calendar integrations to talk with leads and convert them into customers.

Choose the most relevant candidates and set up a meeting in one click with our calendar integrations IMAGE
A screenshot of a Widget banner on a Website page

Capture and drive engagement with an on-site widget banner to showcase relevant contents

Embed a widget banner in minutes and highlight products, offers or share brand-boosting storytelling.

Collect qualitative data with dynamic forms, surveys, and quizzes

Use collected data to qualify leads and speed up the lead capture process.

A webstory with a template of a Brand awareness survey

Get more qualified leads

Add a web story to your website.